The Panther is a recording/creation space in the Portland, OR home of musician/engineer/producer Steve Drizos (that’s me) and wife Jenny Conlee. The studio and rehearsal space have been host to hundreds of various sessions and projects over the last 15+ years. I have been a professional touring musician for 25+ years, played thousands of shows and recorded on countless records and various studio projects. I built my studio for the primary purpose of being able to record my own music, but soon discovered I had created a comfortable creative space that others seem to enjoy working in as well. A combination of digital and analog worlds, The Panther has a vibe that is unique to itself. I have recorded a wide range of artists, from solo acoustic singer/songwriters to string quartets to full rock bands. The Panther loves it all!

A partial list of past clients includes:

Size 85 High Tops/Dana Lyons/Kyleen King/Jon Frew/Bizarre Star Strings/André Paraguassu/Jesse Daniel Edwards/Mary Ryan/Cavity Search Records/Casey Neill/Jerry Joseph/Patterson Hood/Chris Funk/Young Jim Carr/Scott McCaughey/Walter Salas-Humara/Alice DiMicele/Rob Stroup/Little Sue/Becky James/Facebook Live/Event Builder/Dan Weber/Joe Getty/Search Party Music


“Working with Steve at The Panther is the most comfortable studio environment I have experienced in Portland. We quickly developed a rhythm, a flow that allowed for uninterrupted creativity and ultimate trust. Thanks to Steve’s years as a touring and session musician, he is intimately aware of the dynamics and concerns of working artists and knows all the vocabulary and tools to make you feel at ease and nurtured in your creative pursuits. I absolutely recommend working with him.”

-Kyleen King (Bizarre Star Strings/Brandi Carlisle/Heartless Bastards)

“The Panther is a fantastic working environment. Steve is an attentive and skilled engineer - fast, thorough, and patient. We tracked a record for an acoustic artist I was producing and he captured a wide range of lovely sounds. Steve’s gear decisions were invaluable along the way. He is a calm presence who keeps the session moving. When it came to the mixes, he delivered a spot-on balance on tracks with only a few elements but a wide sonic range. That is never easy. Highly recommended. “

-Casey Neill (Casey Neill and the Norway Rats/The Minus 5)

“I have directly worked with Steve for 10+ years both in and out of the studio. His attention to detail combined with thoughtful demeanor has resulted in a terrific working relationship. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for a quality studio experience to book time with Steve at The Panther.”

-Denny Swofford - Cavity Search Records

“Steve is a deft engineer who excels on every level in the studio. He’s fashioned The Panther into one of the city’s best kept secrets. His disposition and sensibility are perfectly suited to working with every kind of artist because he’s well-versed in different musical styles, even-tempered, up for every challenge, passionate about recording, and he genuinely invests himself in a project from beginning to end. The Panther is a rad space – equal parts state-of-the-art and vintage – to make a record: unique, inviting, comfortable & fully loaded with an arsenal of top-notch gear at the ready. But it’s Steve’s dedication and proficiency that make it special.”

-Jesse Keyes (Size 85 High Tops)

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